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Able Seaman (AB)


Job published on: 3 February 2023

Job Description & Offer

An Able Seafarer Grade 1B Deck is a Deck Rating whose purpose is to work according to the Bosun’s instructions in order to play a full part in achieving a high standard of ship operations, maintenance and cargo handling. So that he/she can develop and learn the skills needed to play a full part in the smooth running of the deck department. All Deck Ratings should be flexible in their use of skills and abilities, in order to ensure the smooth running of the Deck Department.
The Able Seafarer Grade 1B Deck is a rank which will be part of the core manning of the vessel. Whilst serving in this rank the Seafarer will gain further knowledge and experience so he/she can be considered for promotion to Able Seafarer Deck SG1A. When a substantive vacancy occurs within the established SG1A core position (following suitable Fleet assessment).

Competitive salary
17 weeks rotation


Be able to understand orders and to communicate in the vessel’s working language (English) with the Officer of the Watch on matters relevant to watchkeeping duties. More than a 6 months approved sea-going service in the relevant department as Able Seaman Grade 2 Deck – After completing of the apprenticeship programe. Holding a valid CoC as Able Seaman Deck as specified in STCW 2010 or have completed 36 months sea service in total, of which at least 12 months must have been served in the deck department and have met the requirements for Able Seafarer Grade 2. Have completed STCW A-VI/1 Basic Training. Hold a current ENG1 Medical Certificate. Hold a Navigational Watch Rating Certificate. Security Awareness certificate. Have working knowledge of safe working practices and personal shipboard safety. Have working knowledge of ship’s mooring and anchoring equipment, arrangements and procedures. Have knowledge of procedures for safe handling, stowage and securing of cargoes and vehicles, including dangerous, hazardous and harmful substances and liquids. Attend at refit and/or dry-dock when required to do so. Maintain and update / refresh personal professional skills, attending courses when required so to do. Be able to contribute to shipboard maintenance and repair by use of relevant materials and equipment, and by following approved procedures and guidelines. Have knowledge of the operation of survival craft and rescue boats, and associated equipment. Have knowledge of survival at sea techniques. Support the Master in the event of any emergency, by compliance with the provisions of the ship’s Emergency Muster List and the Company’s Emergency & Contingency procedures. Have good interpersonal and communication skills. Demonstrate a reasonable standard of literacy and numeracy by providing a brief written statement explaining their reasons for applying for the position. Have experience of working at sea. Have attended Safety and Environmental Awareness training. Have a good knowledge of the ship’s LSA, FFE and safety equipment. Have a good knowledge of tools, paint products and chemicals used during duties.

Positions needed

Able Seafarer Deck II/5

Job Offer Valid Until

31 March 2023

Contract Start Date

1 March 2023

Contract Period

4 months