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Electro-Technical Officer (ETO)


Job published on: 29 September 2022

Job Description & Offer

The Electro-Technical Officer (ETO) is responsible to the Chief Engineer Officer and reports to the Second Engineer Officer for the safe and efficient operation of the ship’s electrical, electronic and control systems, plant and equipment.

The Electro-Technical Officer’s responsibilities include:
 Ensuring that the ship’s electrical installation is as free from earth faults as is reasonably practical.
 Producing (or assisting the 2EO or CEO to produce) work routines that ensure all statutory & company requirements for the ship’s electrical, electronic and control systems, plant and equipment are met.
 Maintenance and repair of the ship’s electrical equipment using best practice whilst complying with MCA requirements, IEE regulations and the Code of Safe Working Practices.
 Attendance in the ECR at ‘Standby’ as required by the CEO, unless released by the CEO for duties elsewhere.
 Maintenance of lighting levels throughout the vessel to a safe standard.
 Regular maintenance and testing of the emergency lighting system as required by regulations.
 Ensuring that workshop and store areas are kept in as clean and tidy condition.
 Assisting the 2EO in the training of personnel within the Technical Department according to statutory and company requirements.
 Ensuring that the fleet regulations as applicable to ETO’s are read, understood and applied.
 Assisting the CEO in drawing up of duty rosters
 Assisting the Senior CEO in drawing up repair lists and refit specifications for the maintenance of the ship’s electrical, electronic and control systems, plant and equipment for survey requirements.

Salary: 7000 USD
Contract duration: 4 weeks on / 4 weeks off
Joining date: ASAP


Knowledge & Skills - Essential: the ETO must have or hold:  Experience as an Electro-Technical Officer of merchant marine or naval vessels sufficient to provide a good understanding of the electrical, electronic and control systems, plant and equipment of a Class 2 RO/RO passenger and freight ferry.  A Certificate of Competency as STCW III/6 Electro-Technical Officer including H/V certificate.  A current ENG 1 Medical Certificate  Completed training to comply with relevant sections of STCW Reg.V/2.  The knowledge and ability to: monitor the operation of electrical, electronic and control systems; monitor the operation of automatic control systems of propulsion and auxiliary machinery; operate generators and distribution systems; operate and maintain power systems in excess of 1000 volts; operate computers and computer networks on ships; be able to maintain and repair electrical, electronic and control systems equipment; be able to maintain and repair bridge navigation equipment and ship communication systems.  Experience of electrical power supply and distribution systems.  Experience of engine control room and machinery space control and alarm systems, including instrumentation and fault/data logging systems.  A working understanding of risk assessment procedures, safe systems of work, and planned maintenance requirements.  Good communication and interpersonal skills. The jobholder must be able to liaise closely with other departments, ashore and afloat.

Positions needed

Electro Technical Officer

Job Offer Valid Until

31 March 2023

Contract Start Date

1 March 2023

Contract Period

1 months